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5 3/4" long, 1.95" tall, .750" bore and 1.65" stroke. 46g. Handcut vulcanite stem with Delrin tenon. On the generous side of group 3.

Maybe the "companion piece to the blog post" thing is getting old. Truth be told, it's the other way around, I made a Billiard and thought, maybe THE most ubiquitous pipe shape is worth a blog post.


Anyway, here's a Billiard that follows the rules. 


FWIW: I make the buttons on my pipes relatively prominent because I, and some others, like them that way. For some, my buttons are too tall. The good news is, I can easily convert the former button to the latter, it's the work of a moment and I don't mind at all. The reverse, not so much. So, if you like less prominent buttons, let me know, and the pipe will so arrive.



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