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Crossgrain Lovat

Crossgrain Lovat

5.5" long, 2" tall, .750" bore, 1.7" stroke, 39g. Handcut vulcanite stem with Delrin tenon.


In keeping with today's blog, I haven't made a Lovat in a long time, even longer for a crossgrain one.  I've got a few nice crossgrain blocks. I don't choose them for blasts because it seems that everybody is all about the ring grain, but I was reading R.D. Field's article on sandblasting in an old issue of P&T, in which he said something to the effect that it was a shame that every block seemed to be cut for ring/straight grain these days, that he missed the old Dunhill-style crossgrain blasts. He may be the only one who feels that way, but I figured it was worth a try.

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