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Half-rustic Billiard

Half-rustic Billiard

5.75" long, 1.9" tall, .8" bore, 1.56" stroke, 42g. Handcut vulcanite stem with Delrin tenon.


Nice-sized pipe, I'd say an honest group 4, thin bit, light for its size. 


This partial rustication wasn't my idea. Credit where credit's due, a customer in London asked me to make a rusticated Acorn, but to vary it a bit to show more smooth briar, more flame. I've always said that the ideal rustication, for me, looks like something clean and symmetrical was made out of something rough and ancient, something found in nature that just happened to be pipe-shaped. The Acorn turned out to be even more ideal in that regard than my usual rustication, so I decided to try the technique on some other shapes. This Billiard is the first such experiment.

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