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Magnum Acorn

Magnum Acorn

6" long, 2 3/4" tall, 7/8" bore and 2" stroke. 63g. Natural horn floc. Handcut vulcanite stem with Delrin tenon.

I realize that some may sneer at my use of the term "magnum," but to me this is a BIG pipe. However, it is not unwieldy or unbalanced. Some might even call it graceful. I've said before that I think the Acorn shape, for a bent pipe, makes the most and best use of its weight. 63g to deliver a chamber this size is not bad at all.


For an illustration of the detail available from a big macro lens, check out the reflection near the button in the penultimate, most zoomed-in photo. Ignore the dust specks (although they are also illustrative) and the little bit of buffing compound in the slot, I'll take care of that; instead, notice the Moire fringe pattern created by the reflection of the fabric weave. 



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