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Rakish Acorn

Rakish Acorn

5 1/2" long, 2 1/2" tall, .750" bore and 1.7" stroke. 50g. Handcut vulcanite stem with Delrin tenon. Boxwood floc.

A very nice, sharp, distinctive ring blast. I like how the ring blast continues up the shank, that's cool. The acorn is always a great-feeling shape in the hand. If you read my blog post on bent pipes, maybe you can see how I managed this bend for alignment of the stem and shank air hole axes. There is some bowl cant, but only as much angle in the drilling as the tenon would allow while putting the airhole in the middle of the mortise floor, and only as much shank/bowl angle as I think is prudent. In terms of what the air sees, this is pretty close to a straight pipe.


FWIW: I make the buttons on my pipes relatively prominent because I, and some others, like them that way. For some, my buttons are too tall. I actually trimmed this one down just a bit from what you see but couldn't be arsed to take the photos again. Anyway, if you like a lower-profile button, I can easily convert the former button to the latter, it's the work of a moment and I don't mind at all. The reverse, not so much. So, if you like less prominent buttons, let me know, and the pipe will so arrive.

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