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Shorts #1

Updated: May 6, 2021

Yes, I’m on break from blogging. But there is a new pipe, and I don't know how many people subscribed to the blog in order to be notified when that happens. My solution is to post, but keep it short.

While yellowjackets are tiny demonic manifestations, bees and I have generally gotten along. No bee has ever stung me without provocation, unlike yellowjackets. That includes the bee that flew into my mouth while I was cycling and stung the inside of my lip. That was an unwelcome encounter for both of us and it hurt like hell but I don’t blame her for firing her weapon. I mean, what would YOU do? I learned the connection between messing with bees and getting stung when I was a toddler and my parents left me at the farm with my Howell grandparents for a few days. The grandparents observed with interest as I chased bees busy with flowers in the backyard, changing to mirth as I caught one, with predictable results. When my grandmother recounted the incident, which she forever considered hilarious, my mother was not amused. “You should have stopped him,” my mother scolded. “He might have been allergic!” My grandmother shrugged. “Well, he’s not.”

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1 Comment

May 05, 2021

Whatever is between a chortle and a guffaw, Short #1 got two of 'em.

  1. "...yellowjackets are tiny demonic manifestations..." Of course, while there's no actual (i.e., satanic) deviltry involved, in my view the behavior of yellowjackets yanks the rug out from under the rose-colored anthropomorphism of a beneficent "Mother Nature".

  2. "Well, he's not." Evidently Grandma hailed from a time when hand-wringing over problems that don't exist was not an increasingly pervasive cultural trend. She was just not having any of it. The truth was good enough.

I intend to share that story with my boss. Twelve years my senior, an accomplished civil engineer who earned his degree at a time (1959) when it meant something, he'll appreciate the no-nonsensitude of…

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